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Frequently Asked Questoins

  • I'm not in the UK, can I still participate?

    • Absolutely! ​Our members come from across the globe: UK, Europe, America, Canada, etc. 

    • We are currently trialing new times for our meet-ups. They remain the last Sunday of the month as before, but now we have multiple meet-ups on the day at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm UTC. The core chat is 40 mins but you're welcome to stay and chat after. You can come to different times each month and stay to join the next group if you have time.

  • English isn't my first language, will that be a problem?

    • We do read in English but you're welcome to read translated editions of the books and join in at meet-ups as much as you're comfortable with. About half our members speak English as a second language. 

  • Do you supply the books?

    • Sorry no, it's a logistical nightmare to manage with members around the world. Where possible I make suggestions of where to buy the books but getting them is up to you. I try to make sure that a few books each year are also available digitally to help ease the load. As a "Teapot" member, you also get advance notice so you have extra time to source the book.​

  • What if i haven't read the book or much of it before the meet-up, can I still join?

    • Of course! It's entirely up to you how much of each book you read. For "Teapot" members I make reading suggestions throughout each reading cycle to help you pick the best bits to read or different ways of approaching the book. ​

    • We're a friendly bunch and meet-ups are relaxed so come along and listen even if you haven't read it all. Besides, we inevitably chat about other tea things as well. 

  • What is the "Social meet-up"?

    • This is our meet-up at the end of the first month where we share tea and chat. We may chat about the book, but we don't have to. Sometimes we have a theme or an author joins us to chat about their book and answers questions. ​

  • Can I pause my membership?

    • Yes you can. With both of our payment providers (PayPal and GoCardless) you are in control and can pause your subscription at any time. You'll simply revert to "the Spoon" while you're on pause. ​

  • I saw this month's book on Instagram and have already read it, can I join the meet-up as a non-member?

    • Please, do come along. Sign up to "the Spoon" and you'll get an email with a link to register and pay for the next meet-up. Or just email me and I'll hook you up. ​

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