'5' minute readings

Every week I do a '5' minute reading from our book of the month on YouTube. It's totally free and a great way to see what we're reading and learn a little whilst you're at it. Frequently I'm simply enjoying the book too much so the readings are nearer 7 to 10 minutes and if I get really carried away like I did with February's first reading, you might get a whole 20 minutes! So tune in, catch a few pages, read along or see where you might want to jump ahead to. 

Just one of the things I do to share the joy of reading about tea. 

The One Taste of Truth
Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea
by William Scott Wilson

Reading 1 - page xx

Reading 2 - page

Reading 4 - page

Reading 5 - page

Reading 6 - page

Reading 7 - page

Eightly Degrees Magazine
issue 3 - the red one
A Social History of Tea 
by Jane Pettigrew & Bruce Richardson
Another great tea read
by an amazing author

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