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To 'The Teapot' membership

Thank you for signing up to 'The Teapot' membership. You're getting the full brew!

Look out for your welcome email and if you haven't already, do send through your instagram handle to or on instagram @jointeabookclub so I can add you to the group chat. Feel free to contact me at either of those at any time as well. 

In your welcome email you'll get details of which book we're on. If we're part way through a book, don't worry, read what you can and catch up a little with the '5' minute readings. If we're in the second month of our read, drop me a line and I'll forward you the 'while reading' advice so you can catch up and get the most out of the book quickly. Come along to the meet-up regardless of how far you've read and join in, we're very friendly and there's no pressure. 


Links to catch up videos will come in the week after each meet-up, but if you're desperate for them now just drop me a message and I'll hook you up. 


See you soon!

Kyle x 

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